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Ethics helps create high-level understanding of where you and your associates consider your organization is in morality terms versus the market. Use it to discuss opportunities to outflank the competition with ethical initiatives that enhance your corporate reputation and ranking above all others.


  • Rank different indicators easily and efficiently
  • Quickly find points of convergent and divergent thinking in teams
  • Use as discussion point around divergences
  • Highly cost effective

Tip: management teams often spend hours debating issues before they take a vote. Use this and other rating tools to determine where the disagreements are first and then focus only on these. You should find your workshops and meetings are far more efficient and rich in better learning as a result.


  • May produce considerable bias with small numbers of respondents

Steps to complete

  • Hover your mouse over an Indicator to see the question you are answering then select your rating for each.
  • Rate all the indicators and save your selections.
    • Amoral: they'll never know, everybody does it, we won't get caught, greed
    • Legalistic: obey the law, If it's legal it's ok, have the lawyers check it
    • Responsive: sense of balance between ethics and profits, concern for stakeholders
    • Values oriented: : do the right thing, values shared across the organization, ethical focus, ethics monitoring, regular assessment of code effectiveness
    • ethics review committee, ethics counselors, Ombudsman, hotlines, audits, standards survey, organizational planning and long term planning
  • Invite others to make their selections too.
  • Click the Average button to display your and their ratings in a visual Spider Chart.
  • Click the Results button to see your averages by Indicator, your invitees or all Shaping Tomorrow members' ratings.
  • Look for substantial differences of opinion between your view and your invitees and discuss these as appropriate.
  • Have everyone re-score if opinions change as a result of the discussion.
  • ‘Decide' your course of action: either Act now!, Not yet, Watch, Indifferent, Forget, Completed.

Further reference
New Purposes for Organizations, Chris Thomson & Mike Jackson, 2012 - contact us for a copy of the presentation

This method was devised by Chris Thomson and Mike Jackson (Shaping Tomorrow) as part of an audit questionnaire to determine the sustainability of any organization.

'Ethics' can be shared with others or kept private using the 'Visible to' fields and through the 'tag', 'report', 'share'', 'link and 'comment' functionality. Use 'tag' and/or 'report' to aggregate your analyzes, 'share' with others via email, Facebook and Twitter etc. or add a 'comment' to ask others where they agree/disagree and encourage them to make their own analysis from their unique vantage point.

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