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  • [New] Apple is planning to use an LTPS OLED display for at least one of the four models planned for the iPhone 14 series in 2022, according to Korean website The Elec, meaning that at least one iPhone 14 model would still have a 60 Hz display.
  • [New] Facebook today is announcing the launch of new products and features for business owners, following the threat to its ad targeting business driven by Apple's new privacy features, which now allow mobile users to opt out of being tracked across their iOS apps. MEF
  • [New] In August, South Korea became the first country to pass a law forcing Apple and Google to open their mobile app stores to alternate payment systems, threatening their grip on the 30% commission they charge developers. Wired
  • [New] Apple is likely to benefit from the heavy discounting at carriers since the wireless companies will subsidize the upgrades for a phone lineup that does not offer too many flashy new features, relative to last year's models. MarketWatch
  • [New] Apple tends to keep the cost of its new iPhones relatively close to its most recent prior models, but iPhone 13 prices could be slightly higher in 2021 due to current issues with chip supply that are expected to hike prices. CNN
  • [New] The App Store and hardware sales help finance software development today, but Apple will need to find new revenue to make up for any lost because of the mandated App Store payment change. Computerworld
  • [New] Apple will ditch the 6 4GB storage option for iPhone 13, instead offering 128 GB as standard for all models. Cult of Mac
  • [New] The popular messenger WhatsApp will provide users with the ability to encrypt backups of chats, which, depending on the device used, are stored unencrypted in Apple's iCloud or Google Drive cloud space.
  • [New] Users will soon be able to store end-to-end encrypted backups of their chat history on Google Drive in Android or Apple iCloud in iOS, with an option to self - manage the encryption key. The Register
  • [New] Apple prefers to make far smaller concessions, like when it volunteered to Japanese regulators that it could allow a specific category of reader apps to bypass its store for payments - even though Apple has the first and last word about whether an app qualifies to be a reader app. The Verge
  • [New] A U.S. federal judge has ordered Apple to stop forcing developers to use its payment system within their apps, in a ruling that will enable developers to bypass Apple's pesky commission, which can reach upwards of 30% of app sales. Interesting Engineering
  • [New] The practical outcome of the 180-page order will likely be that Apple app store developers are no longer required to use Apple's in-app payment system in order to collect funds from iOS users. CNN
  • [New] Apple's next-generation wearable could include some new key features like sleek flat-edged redesign, bigger screen area, better screen resolution, improvements in the battery life, and a possible blood glucose monitoring sensor among others. Medium
  • [New] Google's Android operating system has roughly 85% global share in smartphones and smart devices, so robust antitrust intervention against Google may give Apple an opportunity to gain market share in its most important business. Time
  • [New] Epic Games Inc. is looking to take advantage of a new law in South Korea that will force Apple Inc. to open its App Store to outside payment systems. BloombergQuint
  • [New] The passing of the South Korea Telecommunications Business Act, which will ban app store operators (i.e. Apple and Google) from forcing developers to use their online payment systems. 9to5Mac
  • [New] Outside of antitrust worries, Apple has faced pushback over its planned child protection software that will scan users' iCloud accounts for images of child sexual abuse material. AOL
  • [New] Innovation platforms such as Apple's iOS or Google's Android provide business opportunities for millions of application developers who innovate on new applications, facilitating the development of apps that they can then distribute globally through app stores. wp-content
  • Apple can no longer force developers to use its payment system in their apps, a move that will allow companies to avoid Apple's commission of up to 30% on some app sales. The New York Times
  • When South Korea passed its updated Telecommunications Business Act banning Apple from requiring in-app purchases, Apple said that it would put users at risk of fraud and undermine privacy protections.

Last updated: 19 September 2021