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  • [New] Facebook could remove all ads entirely if its 2.8 billion users paid $3 a month for membership - about 10 cents a day! Media Post
  • [New] Facebook today is announcing the launch of new products and features for business owners, following the threat to its ad targeting business driven by Apple's new privacy features, which now allow mobile users to opt out of being tracked across their iOS apps. MEF
  • [New] Advertising job adverts through Facebook could lead to discrimination claims after a human rights organisation found the social media platform filtered who saw job postings based on protected characteristics. People Management
  • [New] Facebook Workrooms is the social media giant's attempt to dominate the emerging metaverse market, in what could be seen as a bid to take on Zoom with the magic of virtual reality. Medicaloid
  • [New] The fact that Google and Facebook have acquiesced to Australia's media bargaining code, for example, might accelerate similar efforts in other countries, including Taiwan, Canada, and even the US. Wired
  • [New] Facebook's View app promises to be a safe space, but uploading data through the View app to other Facebook apps makes it unclear which privacy policies apply and how content the glasses record could ultimately be used. MIT Technology Review
  • [New] Regulators will need persuading - Italy's privacy watchdog wants clarity on Facebook's protections for strangers caught in-shot. Reuters
  • [New] Even though companies like Facebook and Google are not directly selling your data, they are using it for targeted advertising, which creates plenty of opportunities for advertisers to pay and get your personal information in return. TNW | Privacy
  • [New] If AR glasses can have elegant integration with other products - in Facebook's case, social signals - it could position line-of-sight notifications as a meaningful value-add, compared to looking down at a smartphone. AR Insider
  • [New] Shop Pay is available now to US merchants on Facebook and will be available to Shopify and non-Shopify merchants selling on Facebook and Google in the US later in 2021.
  • [New] Despite Apple's successful privacy focus encouraging the likes of Facebook and Google to be open and transparent about advertising and data collection, the iPhone setting will remain on until iOS 15 is launched. Forbes
  • [New] The intervention by other data regulators will do little to dispel criticism of the Irish DPC for its handling of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) complaints against Big Tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Verdict
  • [New] While Aria may not be headed to store shelves, Facebook does have an entirely different set of smart glasses that it plans on releasing in collaboration with Ray-Ban. The Verge
  • Facebook's plans to allow encrypted messaging across all its platforms could prevent the detection of up to 20m child abuse images every year, a senior investigating officer has claimed. The Guardian
  • Companies now could store their chats with users and use information about users for marketing purposes, including targeting them with ads on Facebook or Instagram. ProPublica
  • Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook are still working on statistics-based AI/ML / DL that could potentially imitate some parts of the human brain, mind, or behavior. GAVS TECHNOLOGIES
  • From an investment perspective, Metaverse brings an array of new opportunities in the digital real estate market, increasing the value of existing tech companies who navigate well in the environment (Facebook, Tencent, Microsoft, etc.). Influencer Marketing Hub
  • The switch to fresh-air cooling will have contributed to reducing the amount of water its datacentres consume directly, but Facebook has also made a concerted effort in recent years to ensure its operations are powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.
  • Facebook is likely to impose anticompetitive conditions on access to its platform and seek to acquire companies it perceives as potential threats, especially when it next faces acute competitive pressures from a period of technological transition, the amended complaint alleges. Federal Trade Commission
  • Obstacles in tracking - namely Apple's IDFA changes - could impede Facebook's ad business, which may help to explain why it's seeking to evolve into a metaverse company in order to meet consumers' increasing interest in digital channels, including e-commerce. Retail Dive
  • Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are still working on an advanced artificial intelligence that could potentially surpass the human mind. GAVS TECHNOLOGIES

Last updated: 19 September 2021