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  • [New] New York City lawmakers passed a measure that will make temporary caps on third-party delivery fees permanent in a blow to companies like DoorDash Inc., Grubhub and Uber. Foodservice Equipment & Supplies
  • [New] Edge by Ascential predicts third-party providers of on-demand food delivery - including DoorDash, Instacart and Uber Eats - to overtake some of the largest U.S. retailers in e-commerce sales by 2025. Supermarket News
  • Young people are to be bribed to have coronavirus jabs with vouchers for vaccines that will give them money off Uber rides and takeaway food if they get jabbed. The Times
  • With the rise of Silicon Valley and fast emergence of companies like Uber and Grubhub, it's easy to start thinking your business will make the next major venture capital splash. Entrepreneur
  • If you are an Uber, taxi or charter vehicle driver, you will be exempt from the 10% on-demand transport levy in Western Australia by driving an electric vehicle. Gizmodo Australia
  • Uber and other gig economy companies are trying a new approach to ending their battles with unions, and getting ahead of possible federal regulation that could upend their business based on classifying workers as independent contractors. The Christian Science Monitor
  • Lime scooters will be available via the Uber app, allowing riders to unlock and use Lime vehicles within the Uber app and drastically increasing the reach and functionality of Lime scooters in New York City. Intelligent Transport
  • Taxi app firm Uber will be sending reminders to all users in August encouraging them to get jabbed, with the company also offering discounted Uber rides and meals on its Uber Eats platform for young adults who receive a Covid vaccine. The Scotsman
  • Ride sharing companies, like Uber, will have a large share in the Drone Taxi Market during the forecast period. DRONELIFE
  • The debate over whether the Transportation Network Companies will remain unprofitable or could be a booming new industry of the future continues. Robotics & Automation News
  • Analysts are expecting Uber to see robust year-over-year growth in not only its ride-sharing business, but its delivery business, as well. daymak-set-to-put-bitcoin-ethereum-mining-electric-cars-on-the-roads
  • Mobility profitability will expand significantly as U.S. and Canadian driver investments fade, a trend it has witnessed in Australia and other markets. Yahoo Finance
  • Uber, Bolt, Deliveroo and Pizza Pilgrims are among the brands that will offer incentives to encourage young people to get vaccinated. Sky News
  • The digital currency's threat can be taken from the example of the Uber which arrived in every city around the world as a ride-hailing company who put many challenges on the traditional taxi system. International Apparel Journal
  • While not every business will be able to - or want to-transition into an Uber or Facebook, that does not mean that business owners should not think about ways that platform best practices can increase their business's efficiency. Toptal Finance Blog
  • The recent move will give more strength to the global movement to organize so-called gig workers, as companies like Uber and Deliveroo face growing pressure from regulators. Quartz
  • To improve driver supply, Uber will be increasing incentives to attract drivers back to the road. Business Travel News
  • Uber users in Saudi Arabia will soon be able to book rides up to 30 days in advance and reserve cars for an hour or more at a time. ArabNews
  • Whereas 4G gave rise to the consumer app economy - think; Uber and DoorDash, 5G will specifically enable businesses to leverage wireless technology to help transform the way their business operates, drives revenue, and serves customers. Authority Magazine
  • The increase in shared mobility and integrated mobility platforms in Europe (such as Uber, Bolt, Clever) is expected to reduce the number of cars in use by 5.4% between 2025 and 2030, after an initial increase up to 2025.

Last updated: 19 September 2021