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  • [New] Chinian anti-trust regulations ordered Tencent to give up exclusive music rights and sell some of its musical properties to pay a fine that could be greater than CNY 10 billion (about Rs 10 billion. Technotification
  • Even if a population of 1.4 billion can supply the wealth of data that will give Chinese AI companies a head start over Western counterparts, questions remain as to the quality of the preclinical and clinical data being used to train company algorithms. Nature Biotechnology
  • The Tianjin government has asked municipally controlled companies to migrate their data from private sector operators like Alibaba and Tencent to a state-backed cloud system by 2022. PingWest
  • The Chinese city of Tianjin has asked municipally controlled companies to migrate their data from private sector operators like Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings to a state-backed cloud system by 2022. Yahoo Finance
  • The Chinese tech group Tencent Holdings has told investors to expect more regulation of the internet in the near future, as Beijing increases pressure on issues ranging from data privacy to protection of minors. Nikkei Asia
  • China's government is developing a digital yuan that will compete with Ant Group Co.'s Alipay and Tencent's WeChat Pay, which together account for nearly all of the mobile-payments market, allowing the People's Bank of China to gather enormous amounts of data on transactions. businesslive
  • Earnings aside, Chinese gaming firm Tencent is likely to be under the spotlight after Chinese regulators criticized the videogaming firms raising concerns that the gaming sector could be next on regulators hit list.
  • Today we discuss the dramatic decline in Tencent shares as a Chinese newspaper is hinting that gaming could be the next target of China's crackdown on the technology sector. e
  • By 2025, the proportion of the world's data held by [China] will increase from 23.4% in 2018 to 27.8%, making China the first in the world. Yale Law School
  • If the news is true, QQ Music will be China's first music platform to issue digital collections NFT, and the platform technology is likely to be launched simultaneously in various products under Tencent Music. China Money Network
  • Chinese tech stocks plunged for a third day as investor fears mounted over a broadening regulatory crackdown, with shares of Tencent falling the most in a decade after the internet group halted registrations on its flagship app. Financial Times
  • Tencent's regulatory filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange made no mention of regulatory issues or penalties, though the fear of increased scrutiny of China's internet sector has recently wiped some $200 billion from the value of Chinese tech stocks. Variety
  • China's State Administration for Market Regulation ordered today that Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the music arm of Chinese internet giant Tencent, will be faicing a 500,000 RMB anti-trust fine, and required to give up its exclusive music label rights. PingWest
  • Once the digital yuan is in wide circulation, it will likely strike the digital-payments operations of China's largest e-commerce and fintech conglomerates-Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent Holdings. Atlantic Council
  • Tencent Cloud will provide infrastructure such as a data center, private cloud storage and an AI algorithm platform for the innovation base. Pandaily
  • The Star Exploration Project will be based on Tencent YouTu Lab's computer vision technology and Tecent cloud computing, using cloud + AI to help Chinese skyeye FAST process the huge data received every day, and find pulsar clues through visual AI analysis. China Money Network
  • Chinese tech giant Tencent's WeChat social media platform has deleted dozens of LGBTQ accounts run by university students, saying some had broken rules on information on the internet, sparking fear of a crackdown on gay content online. The Globe and Mail
  • Chinese authorities are now more wary of the risks concerning data security, while the US is pushing for tougher regulations that are considered openly discriminatory to Chinese companies. Global Times
  • China's antitrust regulator will instruct Tencent's music streaming business to surrender exclusive rights to labels it leverages in competition with smaller firms. Heisenberg Report
  • The Chinese market offers excellent opportunities for third party suppliers which can adapt to serving the OEMs that are more flexible and ambitious than their foreign counterparts. Technology For You
  • The purchase of Stack Overflow will provide a huge base of developers to market to, content for training, and opportunities in China. The New Stack
  • The digital yuan poses a potential threat to China's prevailing forms of e-money, Alibaba Group Holding's affiliate Ant Group's Alipay and Tencent Holdings' WeChat Pay - especially now that Beijing is tightening regulations on fast-growing fintech players. Nikkei Asia

Last updated: 19 September 2021