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WHAT'S NEXT?: Education will increasingly be online, just-in-time and competence-based. VR will become more mainstream in education technology. The vision of easily accessible learning will be enormously powerful and widespread in a few years. The global artificial intelligence market in the education sector will grow exponentially and post an impressive CAGR of over 39% by 2020.

  • [New] The UK and other NATO members can engage with ongoing risk reduction initiatives, such as the Stockholm Initiative and Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament, to distil lessons learned about the Ukraine crisis and how to reduce future nuclear risks. Kings College London
  • [New] Prioritising education and skills development is not just necessary for ensuring that more and more South Africans will have the skills to function in a modern economy, but it will also become a harbinger of future prosperity.
  • [New] While consumer electronics fueled the past two decades of spending, the next two years will be fueled by digital services such as online learning, peer to peer lending, and subscription-based services. IDC Blog
  • [New] Funding will focus on improving access to schooling for Palestinian boys and girls to uphold their right to education. European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations
  • [New] Learning from the historical limitations of the utility of deploying troops in foreign lands as reiterated by Ukraine war, China could be re-evaluating its plans. ThePrint
  • [New] Western institutions need to continue to develop blended learning and online course content to allow greater flexibility for Chinese students keen to study and minimise costs, while maintaining the quality students and regulators rightly expect. Open Access Government
  • [New] As the world saw that e-learning could be a solution in hard times like Covid-19 pandemic, people in education sector seek to match that solution with the quality of education they want, adding that they also look at what is needed so that technology can help them achieve their goals. The New Times | Rwanda
  • [New] Idaho CAFE will conduct research and deliver education to support a sustainable future for Idaho's dairies, livestock operations, crop production and food processing industries. Feedstuffs
  • [New] One of the points to highlight in the context of the war in Syria is access to education, because, against all odds, almost 4.5 million Syrian minors have access to learning opportunities, something that, according to Russell, it is thanks to generous donor funding. Royals Blue
  • [New] Europe will need to develop some of the requisite skills and knowledge, which will be a slow process that demands support through research and development funding, education, and training. ECFR
  • [New] CFS will build SPARC and develop a commercial fusion product, while MIT PSFC will focus on its core mission of cutting-edge research and education. MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • [New] Approximately 1 in 3 of ADRD cases (36.9%) in the US were associated with 8 modifiable risk factors, the most prominent of which were midlife obesity (17.7%; 95% CI, 17.5-18.0), physical inactivity (11.8%; 95% CI, 11.7-11.9), and low educational attainment (11.7%; 95% CI, 11.5-12.0). JAMA
  • [New] A group of university professors have launched a project to upload educational math videos in Ukrainian to support children who have been deprived of learning opportunities amid the Russian invasion. The Mainichi
  • [New] Given that 17 million workers will need to completely change industries over the next decade as automation advances in the workplace, the U.S. needs a mini - Marshall Plan for skills, with large-scale, digitally-enabled partnerships involving government, employers, and educational institutions. Forbes
  • With 235 million students enrolled in higher education worldwide, a number that has more than doubled in the past two decades and will likely double again over the coming decade, expanding access to higher education while ensuring provision is of good quality will be a key focus. University World News
  • Private Sector Initiatives: Leading American companies have announced new initiatives to increase opportunities for education, training, and upskilling in Southeast Asia. The White House
  • Australia must introduce a coherent strategy to develop education and training programs along with career incentives to deliver the highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce we need to seize and grow the opportunities offered by a strong science base. The Conversation
  • The budget of the education and health sectors in the 2022/23 budget will be increased by EGP 310 billion, and that subsidied bread and basic food commodities which go to 71 million Egyptian citizens will reach a new record of EGP 90 billion. Ahram Online
  • Canadian Young Farmers' Forum will receive up to $195,168 over two years to build industry capacity and provide training and education to young farmers across Canada. Yahoo Finance
  • As applications are opening for the 2022-23 academic year, various universities are offering full or partial tuition fee waivers to incoming Ukrainian students who wish to continue their education or enrol in a programme. Study International Staff
  • By 2026, one-fourth of people will spend at least one hour a day in the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social, and entertainment. Shopify Plus
  • Many families affected by a long history of racist education policies like Proposition 227, which banned bilingual education in California for two decades, may fear that placing their child in a bilingual classroom will limit their child's English development and their access to a quality education. EdSource

Last updated: 25 May 2022